Why is oil price rising? When? Russia needs the warmth that European countries need

We provide 50% natural gas for cooking. If the gas pipeline is cut off, diesel,

You have to change the fuel. As a result, European countries are scrambling for oil. 2. During the Kovis period, oil prices fell sharply.

Oil is not seen as a good place to invest. Oil companies are drilling wells because of environmentalists

I dare not dig any more. In this war-torn situation, it is not fair to use and produce because we are collecting more than usual.

3. Ecuador, an oil producer Kazakhstan Natural disasters in Libya have hampered oil production.

4. Since Kovis started, more and more trips have been made.

5. There are no immediate plans to meet global demand if Russia can no longer deliver oil for some reason.

6. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) does not want to increase production. Because it is profitable. How likely is it to fall? Oil

Go up and down. If it goes up too much, it falls back. In 2008, oil prices rose to $ 147. Now it is 105.

1. If Russia and the West can negotiate a peace agreement, oil prices will fall sharply. 2. Oil prices will fall if Kovis recovers.

3. Iran’s nuclear test has allowed the world to sell only a limited amount of oil. Now Iran has been straightened out

I was asked to sign a contract stating that I would not continue my business. Iran is no longer longing for sanctions. These days

I think I will be stabbed. If hit, Iran will have the right to increase oil sales. If you get it, the price will be stable.

4. As the price of oil rises, so does the flow of people around the world. Traffic has been declining this month

It can lower the price. People are switching to electric cars that are cheaper than gasoline.

5. If it goes up above this, China, United States It will use European stockpiles. Beat Putin with a stick

Mix the spirits and smooth it. Fight with the locals. The world will be spinning around if China is persuaded. Until now

Oil is the most important issue in the world, so that’s how we play with oil.

If others continue to make money, if Russia plays with oil jigs, Europe will be in trouble. Now I can not use that jockey

If all else fails, Russia will not be able to sell oil. You will gradually see real politics.

Even the United States can not get out of the Middle East because of oil. With this oil price, Myanmar will have the next planting season

It’s not good. Kovis and Ko Sit lost everything they did outside, so this year’s crop fell. In addition, the percentage of cultivation may continue to fall this year as oil prices do not match land prices.

When it is very difficult, stakeholders have to change strategies to make the people as smart as possible. The main thing is

We must dare to turn around and use all means to alleviate the current political situation. They can anticipate the gorge ahead.


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