The kidneys are the internal organs that remove waste products from the body and are located in the back of the upper abdomen. The kidneys are shaped like peas and have small tubes, It is made up of hair follicles. Most people do not pay much attention to the kidneys and think of them as an insignificant organ. In fact, the kidneys are just as important to the body as they are to the body. So today I would like to tell you about 5 causes of kidney stones.

1. Drink less water

When a person drinks less water, the most common cause is kidney stones. If you do not drink enough water, you will have a much higher risk of developing kidney stones if you do not drink enough water.

2. High in calcium

Most people who regularly drink calcium water can also have kidney stones. In addition, people who eat a lot of betel. People with high levels of lime, especially those who chew betel nut, may also have kidney stones.

3. Heredity can also cause kidney stones

If your relatives or parents have kidney stones, you may have kidney stones.

4. People with diabetes and obesity can also develop gallstones

If you are diabetic and obese, you have a high percentage of kidney stones. If you have both of these conditions, you should see your doctor at the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

5. People who eat a lot of meat can also have kidney stones

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Chicken, Pork, After eating meat, the meat gets to the kidneys. When this happens, an acid produced from these meats produces high levels of calcium, which, when combined with calcium, can form gallstones and cause kidney stones.


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