Auto gear users Do not turn on the air conditioner on high hills; To climb the mountain, use only the second gear, S, 2… Manual transmission in D-type automatic transmission… Diesel pickup cars and manual transmission cars may have a clutch plate on the manual gearbox if the gears cannot be downloaded in advance.

At higher elevations, at least with automatic or manual transmission At least downshift gear း Large gears S 2 2… Downhill downhill gears 3 4 4, D အ Downhill brakes

Do not forget to honk on the slopes… The horn can be dangerous on both sides of the narrow gorge… Do not step on the ground near sidewalks and sidewalks when avoiding hillside cliffs… Do not park and drive… Do not drive on the hill . Do not drive

Due to the heavy load of trucks, in some places it is not possible to get close to the cliffs on the ground… Therefore, give priority to trucks… Do not ask for the road to disturb the cars that are going up and down the hill Do not honk

On ascents such as Shan East Koe Taung, heavy vehicles do not turn in the right lane, so the left lane tends to turn… Therefore, when the car takes a left turn, the car’s slow turn from the left lane and the car .

When going uphill and downhill, slow down က If you do not get in the way, you may end up on the other side of the gorge, which is dangerous.

Therefore, stop and avoid in uncertain places.… You need to drive your car safely and safely to other cars . Before departure… Fan cable… Engine oil… Gear oil… Brake oil… Water tank Coolant, Power oil, Water and paint .

Travel after replacement… Check tire dates carefully before departure .Check for bad tire tread… Tire date is only valid for up to 4 years. I wish all my dear friends a happy journey လို It is just sharing knowledge.


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