The New York Times has announced that it has acquired Wordle, which has millions of daily users, in the four months since its launch on the Internet. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The creator is engineer Josh Wardle, who has to come up with a five-letter word that can be tried up to six times. Only one match per day is allowed.

It started in October 2021 and had only 90 players at the beginning of November.
At the beginning of January 2022, it was over 300,000. Now there are millions of players every day. The infection spread quickly because the result could be easily shared on social media without informing the answer after the game. No need to install apps to play, it makes it easy to play.

Josh Wardle, a British man living in New York, says he wants to make money by advertising in games. Decided to give free play ‌ There is no monthly fee.

The New York Times has said the game will remain free to play and will not be subject to change.


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