Once a president is in office, he returns to everyday life. Despite becoming an ordinary person, the former president still has rules to follow, according to worldatlas.

Obeying the no-driving rules

Former presidents are not allowed to use public roads while driving. In this interview, George H. Bush said he had not used public roads for more than 25 years. The last former president to drive on a public road was Lyndon Johnson.

Former US presidents may wish to stay in the presidential townhouse when they visit Washington, DC. The reason is that the house is fully secured. Detailed security measures are also in place in the basement of the house. The Presidential Townhouse is just a short walk from the White House.

Receipt of grants during the presidency

Former presidents are given a six-month transition period to hire staff to open their own offices as soon as they leave office. During this six-month period, economic issues, It also includes government matters. That is why it has received funding to cover the expenses of former presidents. This is not just the end of the presidency, but also the resignation of presidents.

Get up-to-date information on national security directives

Former presidents are no longer presidents, but are believed to be able to give good advice on political issues. That is why former presidents often attend national security meetings. I always know the latest project news. If necessary, the current president can seek advice from former presidents, and former presidents can also advise the current president. The current president can provide lifelong security arrangements to former presidents.

Retirement for life

As a former president, you have the right to a lifetime pension. In 2017, the annual pension was $ 207,800. The presidential pension rate is fixed, but is rising every year due to inflation. The presidential pension is more than just a subsidy. Travel expenses It also includes office expenses and security expenses.


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