The world has been sick for a long time. We, too, knowingly and unknowingly ignored it. NASA has come up with photographic evidence to remind humans that they should focus on the environment. Let’s see what that means.

(1) Arctic Sea-Ice

This is a picture of the Arctic Circle. It compares 1984 with 2012. Even in 2012, you can still see the ice melting a lot. As the earth warms, the polar ice caps are slowly melting. As a result, floods have occurred everywhere.

(2) Central Asia

The Aral Ocean in Central Asia. In 2014, it was significant. These sanctions have made farming difficult in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Winters are colder and summers are hotter.

(3) Alaska

Muir Glacier, Alaska In 1941 the whole area was covered in ice, but in 2004 the ice melted and turned into a river. The ice on the mountains is now almost non-existent. These are the signs of global ill health.

(4) Arizona and Utah

Picture of Lake Powell. In 1999, it was flooded, but in 2014, it was less. As of May 2014, 42% of the water in the bathroom was frozen.

(5) Global glaciers

If you look at the picture from 2017-18, you can see that the ice sheet is smaller than the one above. These events have led to a series of climate change events.


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