Mhaya game consists of 40 penstocks with 12 different types, over 40 arbitrary events and offers both PVE and PVP game modes.

Players can acquire over 13 different NFT characters in the game. As they advance in the game and roll bones, they spark arbitrary events to earn gains. As a result, players can upgrade game characters, construct and upgrade different structures, share in lucky events, and earn in- game commemoratives HAYA and governance commemoratives MAYA.

In a shot to empower a different range of actors at colorful stages, the design is paving the way for increased token earnings. By fostering agreement both within the design and among the community, it’s fueling the ascent of governance token value. This, in turn, opens up avenues for all stakeholders to reap significant gains beyond the confines of the game. The overarching thing is to instigate a groundbreaking shift by dismembering monopolies and steering in the period of GameFi2.0.

Game Features
In the environment of NFTs, Mhaya’s NFTs aren’t like liquid means; they’re more akin to an entry ticket. The game features a aggregate of 13 different NFTs. These NFTs offer the same yield, but the base increases with the quantum staked. retaining NFTs of different situations doesn’t lead to variations in the yield that players admit. It’s important to note that NFTs can be attained fully for free. NFT characters that are eligible for entry into the free prize pool are distributed as prices through participation in colorful Mhaya community functional conditioning.

The NFTs in the staking pool are upgradeable, and players can upgrade them using game commemoratives. The quantum of commemoratives needed for each upgrade varies, with advanced- position NFTs taking further commemoratives for elevation. With NFT position increase, the price base also increases. In other words, players aim to upgrade their NFTs to earn advanced returns. At the same time, the commemoratives consumed in upgrading NFTs produce a healthy profitable cycle of expenditure and accession, icing a sustainable ecosystem.

Mhaya’s staking medium follows ERC- 6551, and players stake commemoratives in their own holdalls rather than through the design itself. This approach enhances stoner security and translucency within the entire profitable system.

In terms of fairness, Mhaya places significant emphasis on it. At its most abecedarian position, the binary- pool model offers players a fully fair gaming terrain, with earnings secerning between the pools. The two pools don’t impact each other’s profitable conditions. On the other hand, each season, product affair is stoutly acclimated grounded on the former season’s affair, destruction, and consumption, icing that players admit maximum returns within a reasonable range. This approach aims to maintain fairness and balance in the game ecosystem.

unborn Outlook
As outlined in Mhaya’s roadmap, the open beta release is anticipated in the first quarter of 2024 on Android and iOS. To sustain ongoing developmentpost-launch, Mhaya also plans to introduce further social features similar as NFT for character pictures, voice pall converse and private messaging to enrich the gaming experience further and promote commerce and community structure among players. This will give Mhaya players with further openings to not only pursue wealth in the game, but also make gemütlichkeit and social connections, making Mhaya Game a more comprehensive and intertwined entertainment platform.

Investors & mates
Mhaya has establishedeco-partnerships with hundreds of caption Web3 structure providers, media outlets, NFT platforms, DeFi associations, and transnational social platforms around the globe, and has lately closed aPre-A round of$ 5 million in backing. The primary lead investor in the round was Firestone Global. To conclude with a quotation from Pedro, CEO of Mhaya, “ Mhaya2023 creates ananti-monopoly gaming meta- macrocosm by enablingnon-front-loaded,non-early triumphs in an innovative way that takes the distribution of benefits down from the many, the orders, and the cheaters. We’re committed to reforming the GameFi world and truly transubstantiating it from Web2 to Web3. ”