Match Chain Team Gathers in Istanbul for Visionary Workshop

The bear request is known to filter builders in the blockchain ecosystem, and indeed, in the last time, we’ve witnessed a shift from systems with no solid use cases to an adding number of results working problems from social relations to other challenges across different walks of life.

One of these leading inventions is Match Chain, a Subcaste 1 social graph erected on the Cosmos network. Match Chain prides itself on its unique approach to using some of the rearmost technologies like SBTs and ERC- 6551 to review power, composability, and social gests .

The Match Chain platoon erected for nearly a time before launching their Lisbon testnet in May. Since launch, they’ve recorded remarkable growth in stoner business, substantially attributed to Intoverse, a social dApp erected on Match Chain. It has been a truly phenomenal time for Match Chain, and now, the platoon is growing and restructuring to meet the growing requirements of the network.

Hence, they’re hosting a factory in Istanbul to gather the entire platoon together to get acquainted and make important strategic opinions for the coming quarter and time.

Match Chain Announces New CEO and CMO at Team Workshop
During Match Chain’s platoon factory, the new CEO and CMO, Petrix Barbosa and Anastasia Drinevskaya, were introduced in person.

Barbosa is a world- class athlete with 22 times of professional sports experience. He began his trip in finance in 2011, studying economics and business. He continued his education in economics and business operation at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has also been deeply involved in the world of cryptocurrency since 2016.

Drinevskaya is a author of AMG Production LLC, a creative agency that specializes in crypto/ NFT/ metaverse and theater/ music and cinema product. She has over 10 times of experience in media and marketing and a proven track record of delivering innovative and poignant juggernauts for leading brands and startups in the crypto/ blockchain assiduity.

Barbosa on his new part as CEO of Match Chain
“ I ’m thrilled to step into the part of CEO at Match, and I take this responsibility veritably seriously. Drawing from my expansive experience in the blockchain space, I aim to lead Match towards innovative results and meaningful progress. Together, we can shape the future of Web3. ”

Drinevskaya on her new part as CMO of Match Chain
“ I ’m truly agitated to come aboard as Match’s CMO, ready to work my in- depth blockchain experience to drive this design forward. It’s an occasion to apply my knowledge in a practical and meaningful way. Let’s work together to make a real impact. ”

The factory was geared towards erecting platoon bonds and consolidating the vision for the future. With the new leadership, the platoon’s energy is high.

Alongside the factory in Istanbul, Match Chain has also blazoned its participation and backing of the Binance Blockchain Week.

Match Chain brigades Up with Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul.
It’s precious that a major exchange like Binance is hosting such an event in Istanbul, one of the numerous blockchain capitals worldwide. The Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul is a blockchain event attracting thousands of actors and hundreds of speakers from around the globe.

This time, Match Chain is one of the top systems invited to share. Petrix Barbosa, the CEO of Match Chain, will be a panelist on the first day of the event, November 8 at 1200 pm TRT, agitating “ True Data Sovereignty – What Do I Really Own? ” alongside Nym and Data Ownership Protocol( DOP). Anastasia Drinevskaya will moderate a panel named “ What It Takes to make a Killer Web3 design ” on the same day at 330 pm TRT.

Match Chain believes in collaboration and sees the event as another occasion to network and meet with other assiduity experts. The Match Chain directors are agitated to partake their knowledge on stage with other assiduity leaders.

The platoon is also hosting a party after the event to produce a more comforting atmosphere for interacting, networking, and having fun. Conferences like this give a unique occasion to partake knowledge and for everyone to come together.

Every invention needs a clear line of sight to truly excel, and Match Chain is really making the right moves to produce a solid path for the design’s future. From the platoon factory to uniting with other assiduity experts at Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul, Match Chain is surely on the right path.