Superglue can make objects stick together. Sometimes I glue superglue on my hands while gluing things together. But after reading this post, you do not have to worry about superglue sticking to your hands. In this post, I will show you how to remove superglue using homemade salt via rachfeed.

Everyone who has ever used superglue knows how strong it can be on surfaces. It is called superglue because it is very difficult to remove when applied to the skin or any other material. However, even the most glued superglue can be removed with an easy-to-find item at home.

The only substance that can remove superglue is table salt. You can apply salt on the surface or when you want to remove the fingers that stick to the superglue. According to a Twitter account called Brother Jambang, “Salt can easily dissolve superglue.” I posted a video.

In the video, a man puts a small amount of superglue between two fingers. It also explains how easy it is to get rid of superglue on your fingers using water and salt.

In the video, the demonstrator first puts superglue between the thumb and forefinger. Both fingers stuck together. Here, as a video viewer, it’s interesting how to get rid of your fingers.

Then apply a pinch of salt on the fingers glued to the superglue. I rubbed it with salt and dipped my fingers in water.

twitter / broojambang
It’s amazing. Seconds later, you can see that both fingers glued to the superglue.


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