The new year has begun, but the epidemic is not over. It will soon be almost a year since I started working as a downloader. Here are some health benefits for WFH workers working from home.

Keep your body comfortable

Pain due to stress The neck is an important part of muscle strength. While working out, set a time limit to relax the muscles around your shoulders. Sit upright in a chair. The top of the monitor should be at eye level. If you sit and work like this, you will get headaches and nausea. It will relieve the pressure on the upper back.

Do not work in bed

Michael Serra, an associate professor at Texas Tech University, warns against working in bed. It is comfortable to be in bed, but it can also lead to long-term health problems due to poor posture. Even if you want to work in bed, it is advisable to have a small pillow on your back.

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Keep healthy and accessible foods within reach
Because I work from home, I tend to overeat. Or it may be that you do not finish your meal on purpose after a long day’s work. At this point, they eat one or two candies in front of them. Eating a small amount of sweets is not a problem, but sugar, If you eat a high-fat diet every now and then, you will have health problems in the long run.

Keep your arms and legs outstretched

When I sit at home all day and work, I get frustrated. Therefore, if you stay in the same position for a long time, you should rest for 10 minutes to relieve back pain. And being active can lead to a variety of cancers, including heart disease and stroke. Stroke Limit walking time to reduce health risks such as high blood pressure. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment.


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