Exploring the Impact of Blockchain on Supply Chain Management

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The Global AI Show is pleased to announce the participation of esteemed speakers Dr. Chris Cooper, Chief Executive Officer of AIQ, and Saravan Penubarthi, Chief Technology Officer of AIQ who will be delivering insightful discourse at the event on April 17.

Dr. Cooper is widely recognized for his deep expertise in AI and the energy sector, positioning him as a leading authority in discussions on AI advancements and applications. With over 25 years of experience in pivotal leadership, sales, and business development roles within esteemed technology companies across the UAE, UK, and the EMEA region, Dr. Cooper’s strategic acumen and innovative approach have consistently driven growth and enhanced market presence throughout his illustrious career.

Saravan Penubarthi, a seasoned CTO renowned for his extensive expertise, excels in driving global digital transformations across diverse industry verticals. With a distinguished record of implementing innovative technology strategies and executing cloud initiatives, his insights enrich discussions on the advancements and applications of artificial intelligence.

“I am delighted to represent AIQ at the Global AI Show, where we will explore the transformative potential of AI in the New Energy Era. As a global AI pioneer, AIQ is not only poised to play a pivotal role in shaping a future-ready Energy Sector but also dedicated to creating an intelligent ecosystem that enhances efficiency and paves the way for a sustainable future,” said Dr. Chris Cooper.

An official awards ceremony will take place on April 17 at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai. The Global AI Awards and the Global Blockchain Awards seek to recognise excellence and innovation, and pay tribute to the trailblazers, innovators and guardians who tirelessly push the boundaries of possibility in the field of AI and blockchain technology.