Coming from a moderate and hazard antagonistic family, it took some persuading to push my family members to go along with me on an excursion to Dawei. For the Thadingyut celebration, the workplace liberally permitted us to require 2 days on top of the end of the week. As you without a doubt know, columnists are generally occupied, and 4 days was the longest occasion I could get since Thingyan.
After a little haggling with my chief – it was settled! I would take my family on an excursion toward the southern capital of Dawei, known as “the perfect city”.

Heading to Dawei from Yangon requires almost 12 hours by street. To cut the excursion in two and make it more tolerable, particularly on my mom, auntie and uncle (my sibling can deal with it), we left Yangon at 7am and made a first stop in Mawlamyein. As we showed up in the early evening, we partook in a grill on the renowned Strand Road lining the Salween River.

Mawlamyein’s Strand Road is great for night carriages. Vivid boats and seagulls flying low bring to the spot a loosening up environment. Along the blood vessel street, there are a few brew stations and eateries. At night, most outside tables are taken. Dinning here is brilliant, with new fish accessible in many cafés. It’s a delightful area, if by some stroke of good luck for the littering. I in any case partook in the perspective on the waterway while biting on a few delicate barbecued prawns.

The way to Dawei

The next day, we left the lodging right on time to advance toward Dawei. Prior to leaving however, we partook in a Hpa Auk mohinga, the specialty of Hpa Auk, a town approaching Mawlamyein. The hand-pulled noodles were very delicate and the fish soup was normally sweet.

It then, at that point, took us 4 hours to head to Ye, Mon State, somewhere between Mawlamyein and Dawei. Perhaps the most lovely scene stays the Ma Hlwe Mountain that stretches across Ye town in between Mon State and the Tanintharyi locale. As we drove nearer to the mountain, and the nearer we got to Ye, the smoother the streets became.

With the Mountains approaching somewhere far off, driving along the smooth-tarred streets out of the city was a seriously astonishing inclination. We as a whole envisioned driving in San Franscisco, on uneven streets among mountains and the ocean. We drove strong quick.

Mama Hlwe Mountain, some portion of Tenasserim Hills, was spellbinding. Not at all like mountains in Shan State where trees are hacked down, Ma Hlwe Mountain actually has an immaculate shelter.

As we proceeded with our excursion, we saw by the window the illuminating of candles headed straight toward observe Thadingyut. At a certain point, we passed an obscure extension supplanting a bigger scaffold which had been annihilated by the floods last August.

When in Dawei

Night fell and the towns nodded off. There were no streetlamps to light the forested, bended streets. Vehicles became scanty. Fervor was all the while rising inside me. Arriving at Dawei around 9pm, we actually had a few streets in front of us. The main inn we could book was situated on Maungmagan ocean side as most lodgings around were completely reserved for the celebration. As destiny would have it, the street going to Maungmagan ocean side was obstructed by pioneers on their bikes and vehicles, praising the celebration. Ladies wore their most lovely dresses as little aid bowls for the priests were laid on a table. The dishes contained blossoms, candles and different contributions.

We as a whole expected to join the celebration, well known for its boatmen pushing drifting dishes down the Dawei River at day break. Nonetheless, we were totally depleted and raced to our inn.

The Colorful Village café might be tiny yet it is somewhat extravagant. We remained in bamboo lodges by the ocean side.

Right on time next morning I went for a walk along the ocean side. It was packed from every one of the sightseers from upper Myanmar, sadly leaving junks and void containers on the generally immaculate sand.

Prior to early afternoon, to stay away from the intensity, we visited Mhaw Yit pagoda, a 15-minute drive from Maungmagan ocean side. The pagoda is based on an island and flaunts brilliant stupas. Encircled by heaven like nature and covered in calm and piece, the pagoda observes gladly over the ocean side.

As it was Sunday, and as my family is strict, we visited Our Lady of Sorrow Church situated on U Kyaw Yin Road. The street is named after U Kyaw Yin, otherwise called Mee-Bone-Pyan-U Kyaw Yin (1873-1939) who made and flew sight-seeing balloons. The actual congregation was lovely. The teak building was constructed a long time back.

As the day passed, we in the end got back to our inn as we had two days of street to return to Yangon. From this outing, I will recall Dawei for its extraordinary nature and strict locales as well concerning the neighborliness of the occupants.


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