There is a popular issue on social media these days. This is a bribe cat.

Bribes are a traditional Chinese and Japanese toy. According to them, if these cats are kept at the entrance of the shop or at the entrance of the house, they will be made of gold and silver. There is a belief that money makes you happy and makes you happy.

Today’s cat dolls are not the same as the cat dolls we used to see before. It can even be said that it is an upgrade. This is because the cat’s one-handed hand is unusually large and strong. It’s even more rewarding to have these powerful, bribe-tale cat figurines.

This year, the cat has been selling better. Cats are also known for their color.

Blue – Luck

White: Happiness and goodness

Gold – Wealth

Get rid of blackheads

Red: For success and love

Green – for health.


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